Results Charts


TrackMaster Results Charts is the choice for comprehensive race results allowing handicappers to obtain a complete record of races at any track they choose. The files are available in a variety of formats for printing or use in spreadsheets, databases and programming.

Interested in 1, 2, or 3+ years of historical race results data? Archived results charts are available by special order, see the bottom of this page for more details.

  • Features
    Key features of this product include

    • Multiple Formats
    Text, xml or comma delimited versions available to suit your specific needs.

    • Speed & Class Ratings
    Exclusive speed & class ratings help you quickly and easily handicap the races.

    • Pace Figures
    Interior speed figures for the leader at the key points of call.

    • Odds & Payouts
    Official odds to $1 for each horse and pari-mutuel payouts for the race when available.

    • Historical Charts Archive
    Archived results charts are available by special order with special bulk pricing.

  • Pricing
    Billing options for this product
    • A la carte - No minimums, billed as used
      • single card $1.50
    • Unlimited subscription - No overages, unlimited usage
      • 1 month $219.95
      • 3 months $604.95
      • 6 months $1154.95
      • 12 months $2199.95
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    Information and explanations about this product
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  • Software
    This product may require the following software

    Comma Delimited Charts ProcessorClick here to download the Comma Delimited Charts Processor software. Run the setup program and follow the on-screen prompts to automatically load the software onto your system

    The TrackMaster Comma Delimited Charts Processor is a software utility that translates comma delimited charts into database files. The program creates two files, one which contains race information and one which contains horse information. The files are output to the same directory as, and named according to, the the chart being processed.