STATS Race Lens

STATS Race Lens

STATS Race Lens brings it all into focus and gives you a clear advantage over other handicapping products. It was developed in partnership with one of the largest and most respected sports technology data companies in the world, STATS LLC.

You'll have more stats, deeper insights, and a clearer picture of every facet of racing - all with an elegant, easy-to-use interface. Test theories and angles based on the most in-depth database in the business. Tag and customize past performance data in all-new ways, and use leading-edge predictive modeling to generate win probabilities. Product Overview Video

  • Features
    This product contains the following

    • Customized PPs PP Overview Video
    Customize past performances to display personalized information. The auto-highlighting feature “marks up” the important factors found in the PPs, eliminating all of the grunt work.

    • Summary & Individual Research Research Video
    Records of trainers, jockeys, sires and dams can be filtered into categories to discover their strengths or weaknesses. Predetermined filters display situational statistics in the PPs.

    • Handicapping Angles & Back-Testing Creating Angles Video Managing / Editing Angles Video Back-Testing Video
    Numerous combinations of criteria can be used to create favorite handicapping angles. The back-test feature helps determine how angles have performed over the last 365 days.

    • True Odds & Predictive Analysis True Odds Video
    Unique algorithms predict how a race may unfold and which contenders will be there at the finish. Alter category weights to fit the most important handicapping requirements by race.

    • Advanced Search
    Receive text, email, or in-app notification for upcoming wagering opportunities.

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    • A la carte - No minimums, billed as used
      • single card $4.00
      • day pass $5.00 Includes all cards for a single day - regular price $15.00
    • Unlimited subscription - No overages, unlimited usage
      • 1 month $129.00
      • 3 months $299.00
      • 12 months $999.00
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  • Notes
    Release Notes

    Release Notes (Version 1.17, 11/21/2016):

    • Added Print Functionality for Matched Angles List
    • Added Print Functionality for True Odds Grid and Pace Projection (For single race)
    • Added angle criteria: Profile-->Horse-->Post Position--> Outermost
    • Added angle criteria: Profile-->Trainer-->Third After Claimed By
    • Added angle criteria: Case-->Days Between Starts-->Third Career Start
    • Added angle criteria: Profile-->Horse-->Not a First Time Starter
    • Added option to view the Sire's PPs in Research
    • Added option to view the Dam's PPs in Research
    • Added "Workout, Not from the Gate" to the drop down menu of the column of Case:Workout
    • Added "No Gate Workouts" to the drop down menu of the column of Case:Workout

    Release Notes (Version 1.14, 11/1/2016):

    • New Angle Criteria - 2nd Race Back on Surface (Case --> 2nd Race Back --> Surface...)
    • New Angle Criteria - Jockey, Rode Last Race
    • Added functionality to suppress a horse within the PPs module
    • Added "Include All Stakes" option for Class menu within Summary & Individual Research
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes & improvements

    Release Notes (Version 1.12, 10/17/2016):

    • New Angle Criteria - Last Race on Surface Type (Profile --> Horse --> Surface --> Last Race...)
    • New Angle Criteria - Horse Reunited with Winning Jockey (Profile --> Jockey --> Horse Reunited...)
    • New Angle Criteria - Maiden Winner Last Out (Profile --> Horse --> Wins --> Maiden Winner...)
    • New Angle Criteria - 2nd Start Since Reported as Gelding (Case?Medication/Equipment/Gender --> 2nd Start Since...)
    • New Angle Criteria - Include Track Condition List (Filter --> Track Condition --> Include Track Condition List)
    • Added "Today's Surface" to PP line filters
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes & improvements

    Release Notes (Version 1.8, 9/28/2016):

    • Added ability to zoom & fit-to-screen within PPs
    • Added ability to back-test angles directly from Home screen & PPs screen
    • Improved organization & labeling of PP templates
    • Summary & individual research changes now retained when printed
    • Added "Off the Turf" and "Wet" research criteria (General --> Surface)
    • Added new angle criteria (Profile --> Horse --> Class --> Claimed Back)
    • Users can now have multiple criteria in the same angle with the same category item selected
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes & improvements

    Release Notes (Version 1.6, 9/12/2016):

    • Improvements made to Individual / Summary Result menu display
    • Summary Research rows displayed in Horse Header in PPs (Today, JockTdy, SireTdy, and DamTdy) will display currently selected default stats from Summary Research
    • New STATS Angle: Maiden, First Time Turf, Looking For Improvement is listed twice
    • Added new Angle criteria (Profile -> Horse -> Trainer) for Lowest / Highest ML Odds of "Uncoupled" Entry
    • Added new Angle criteria (Profile -> Horse -> Class) for First Time Back at Level of Most Recent Claim

    Release Notes (Version 1.5, 9/05/2016):

    • Added a brief Pace Synopsis below the Race Projection track diagram within True Odds
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes & improvements

    Beta Release Notes (Version 1.4, 8/31/2016):

    • Added functionality to improve the readability of PPs (both on screen and printed)
    • Improved spacing for printed PPs
    • Added new angle parameter (listed under Case) for True Odds Win % & M/L Odds
    • Added new angle parameter (listed under Profile) for Horse Run Style
    • Added the ability for Free Race of the Day users to adjust True Odds probability sliders
    • Added 10 new situational PP templates
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes & improvements

    Beta Release Notes (Version 1.1, 8/11/2016):

    • Increased the number of default angles available to PayGo / Day Pass customers
    • Added the ability for PayGo / Day Pass customers to manage angles
    • Improved the experience of navigating from one race to another within PPs
    • Updated the layout of the Manage Angles page & improved search functionality
    • Printing improvements
    • Added 5 new tutorial videos
    • Improved video quality of race replays
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes & improvements

    Beta Release Notes (Version 1.0, 7/26/2016):

    • Adjusted True Odds sliders to 5 pt. scale
    • Added ability to print full cards
    • Added 8 new video tutorials
    • Added Individual Research PPs
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes & improvements

    For any issues to report, or general comments/questions about the product please email: