TrackMaster has formed partnerships to market other high quality handicapping software produced by outside sources. Some are available through our web site, while others can be purchased directly from the vendor. We have products for all breeds of racing for you to choose from. Check out the summary descriptions below.


WagerMate - Winner of the TrackMaster Software Development Challenge

WagerMate combines your handicapping expertise with the most sophisticated mathematical modeling ever applied to thoroughbred horse racing - you get the best of both worlds. FREE download of software, easy installation, and a simple user interface, means you'll be handicapping in 10 minutes.

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Thoroughbred handicapping software that reads TrackMaster™ Past Performance (PP) data files, and TrackMaster™ result files. It allows you to apply your own handicapping rules to races to determine if your handicapping criteria will produce a winning combination. By creating Custom Reports that can be viewed on your screen in seconds, you can filter horses in races by matching your handicapping criteria.  The time normally taken to manually handicap races is drastically reduced from hours to seconds.  Once you have defined a Custom Report that has produced winners in the past, you can apply it to future races to filter out possible winners.

Priced at $79.95, this product is sold and supported directly by the vendor.  For complete details and ordering information visit the RaceAnalyser Thoroughbred Handicapping Software web site.

Tom Brohamer's Modern Pace Handicapper (MPH)

The MPH Handicapping Program is based on Tom Brohamer's best selling book Modern Pace Handicapping, published in 1991 by William Morrow & Company and thought by many to be the premier book on pace handicapping. This program automates many tedious manual calculations and reports for evaluating pace that advanced players previously undertook by hand. Combining the ability of manual input or direct download from TrackMaster using the free converter program with TrackMaster PPs or TrackMaster Plus files, Modern Pace Handicapping is one of the friendliest, most forgiving, and most accurate velocity pace handicapping programs you'll ever use.

The cost is $149.95 for TrackMaster PPs customers. For more information, call TrackMaster Sales at 800-334-3800.

Bob Pandolfo's Diamond System

The Diamond System for thoroughbred racing was originated by Bob Pandolfo. This unique and popular system comes on CD. It features 3 Diamond Printouts--Pace, Late and Final Speed, and the powerful Diamond Rating, a compounded rating that incorporates early and late pace, and final time into one number. The system also gives you 4 bonus ratings from a prior Pandolfo system called "The Formula," which includes the potent "kick" rating. The Diamond System is easy to use and offers users 3 pace line options: manual, and two automatic pace line selectors, including the all-new best-of-last-3 option. Although a pace-based rating system, the Diamond System produces a "balanced" rating. It's great for long shot and value payers--many top-ranked Diamond horses win at big prices. Bob Pandolfo and his partner Dexter Hinton offer full telephone and email support. It works with Windows, and Trackmaster's .exe files.

Priced at $99.99, this product is sold and supported directly by the vendor. For ordering information visit the Sharp Horses web site.

Ray Taulbot's Pace Computer 3.0

The computer software version of Ray Taulbot’s Pace Calculator is now available exclusively through American Turf Monthly and reads TrackMaster data. The Pace Computer 3.0 software for Windows generates clear, easy to read reports that reflect a horse's ability to cope with pace. It assigns each horse in today's race a numerical pace rating based on three variables: fractional time, final running time and speed figure. An entire race card can be handicapped in a matter of minutes with the Pace Computer Software, and no manual input is needed. Simply download Trackmaster PP .exe files, convert them to the "B" comma-delimited format, and the Pace Computer Software will automatically identify each horse's best pace line. The program also enables users to view and print all reports and past performances. Extensive on screen "help" files are available and all Pace Computer Software comes with a clearly written 12 page instruction book.

At only $144.95, the Pace Computer Software costs hundreds less than comparable handicapping programs. For more details visit the American Turf Monthly web site.

NQHR-2012 (NQ+) Quarter Horse Handicaping Software

NQ+ is designed specifically to handicap quarter horse races and uses TrackMaster Plus data files. It features 12 different past performance forms and 40 specialized reports. At the heart of the software is a speed figure based on pars from the quarter horse tracks in the country and is adjusted for track and distance. Other unique features are 100 yard times, an adjusted final time as if the running line was run at today’s track and distance, break ratings, stamina ratings, energy distribution percentage, feet per second calculations, jockey ratings, trainer ratings, pedigree ratings, workout ratings, first time starter ratings, two year old ratings, fair odds, jockey, trainer, sire and dam stats, user input module, Excel exports and much more. The software is user friendly and includes a detailed user’s manual.

The software is now only $99.00!
Try it out for 30 days and if you are not 100% satisfied I will gladly refund your money no questions asked. Visit the following website to download the software or contact me directly for more info at


Perfect Trip
- Winner of the TrackMaster Software Development Challenge

Expert handicappers know that doing your homework is essential part of playing the races. In the past, bettors never viewed a program until they arrived at the track and handicapping had to be accomplished between races. To accurately analyze all of the available data manually is virtually impossible. Perfect Trip handicapping software has a tremendous advantage over manual handicapping methods. Perfect Trip does it all in seconds, handicapping an entire race card with speed and accuracy to help you come out on top more often.

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American Standardbred Handicapper

Handicapping Software For the serious Horse Players. Welcome to the American Standardbred Handicapper, an exciting new harness handicapping program that uses the TrackMaster PP (exe) files. From import to output you can be on your way to the track within 10 minutes. Picking winners has never been easier! Quick features of the program: SIGN ON SCREEN - From here you go back and forth to all of your programs. IMPORT SCREEN - Select your track, click import and the program starts doing its job. When this is all done, from the sign-on screen click on today's entries. HORSES SCREEN - Each screen represents a total record for each horse. WAGERING MODULE - to figure out what it would cost to make certain bets before hand. REPORTS SCREEN - Select the Report relevant to the Weather and Track condition. Each race you print out will be printed on a new sheet of paper. You can also see the report on the screen firs, before printing.

For complete information and sample screens visit the American Standardbred Handicapper web site.

The Diamond System for Harness Racing

Bob Pandolfo's Diamond System for harness racing uses the same powerful formula as the thoroughbred version, and prints out 4 ratings, Pace, Late and Final Speed, The Diamond Rating, and Diamond Final. All track-to-track shipper adjustments are automatic, and the user has two pace line selection options, manual, or automatic. The "pace-balanced" system does not adjust for trips, but comes with a booklet that explains how to quickly make trip adjustments. This extremely popular harness racing system is a cinch to use and comes with full telephone and email support. It works with Windows, and Trackmaster's .exe files.

Priced at $99.99, this product is sold and supported directly by the vendor. For ordering information visit the Sharp Horses web site.