CompuBet reports are based on solid handicapping principles, using the most comprehensive and up to date statistics available. Our process is highly computerized, but designed and monitored by experienced harness racing professionals to bring you the best possible combination of hands on racing knowledge, and computer consistency and reliability.

CompuBet is the product of over 15 years of research and study, and a lifetime of experience by two Maine horseman. Steve Mancine has been a harness trainer and driver for 20 years. Gaylord Boutilier has been a harness horse owner and developer of one of the first quick hitch harness and race sulky systems in the industry. These two individuals have a unique combination of hands-on horsemanship and technological expertise, a hard to find equation in handicapping circles. Mancine and Boutilier have developed the first true speed ratings for harness horses and now provide them as an incremental part of their powerful point ratings reports for harness horses at tracks all across North America.

CompuBet is intended to promote harness racing by providing bettors with an accurate and reliable information product which will enable them to have a realistic shot at making a profit at the racetrack or simulcast parlor. In addition, the "big bettor" or serious horse player can rely on CompuBet to highlight the most reliable betting opportunities from literally hundreds of races each week, something even the most astute handicapper cannot do. Our “Best Bets” report is published daily with selected races from all the major tracks.

With the advent of simulcasting and computer technology even an amateur bettor can, using CompuBet, find a track where the opportunity for profit is substantial. With years of race results in the database, CompuBet has the ability to establish with near perfection the statistical relationship between numerous handicapping factors and the eventual outcome of a race. The latest member of our Team, Brandon Bergman, is a computer whiz and has brought an added dimension of technological proficiency to the project.

If you’re new to CompuBet, check out our web site from the link below for even more information. You can read what the product is all about and its history, as well as a detailed user's guide that fully explains everything you'll need to know. There are also free betting patterns and strategies reports along with progressive betting charts that will help you maximize your wagering profit potential.

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Report Features (Standard)

In addition to the wealth of easy to use handicapping information included on our reports, they also feature current betting success statistics for each particular track. Each report will tell you the percentage of winners CompuBet has produced at that track (from top picks only) over the last month. You will also see other important stats, such as the percentage of winning exacta boxes, percentage of top picks finishing second or better, etc. And you can also get a clear picture of recent trends, because, we will provide the same information for the last 7 cards at that track.

This information is very important, because we have been able to achieve remarkable consistency in our selection success. Knowing how our ratings fared in the past 30 days, and the past 7 days, can give you a pretty solid indication of how you can expect them to perform in the next day or two. Take for example the percentage of top picks finishing second or better. If you see a high number, such as 52% or greater, you know if you use our top pick as a key horse in your exactas or trifectas, you have a better than 50/50 chance of winning.

Below is a complete list of the recent success statistics included on the CompuBet reports. The stats are given for the previous 30 days as well as the previous 7 race cards, and in both cases we will tell you the number of races involved.

Win% - The percentage of races where our top choice actually won the race.

Place% - The percentage of races where our top choice finished second or better.

Exacta (box3) - The percentage of races where you would have won if you had boxed our top three choices.

Exacta (box4) - The percentage of races where you would have won if you had boxed our top four choices.

Exacta (key1/4R) - The percentage of races where you would have won if you played our top pick with the next four and reversed it (such as 1 with 2,3,4,5 ..and.. 2,3,4,5 with 1) a total of 8 bets.

Trifecta (key 1/4AP) - The percentage of races where you would have won if you had played our top pick in all positions with the next four (1 with 2,3,4,5 with 2,3,4,5 ..and.. 2,3,4,5 with 1 with 2,3,4,5 ..and.. 2,3,4,5 with 2,3,4,5 with 1) a total of 36 bets.

Special alert whenever our top picks produced a positive ROI.

Clearly the most important information on the CompuBet reports relates to today’s races. For a complete explanation of all the features on our regular reports, simply visit our web site and review our user’s guide. Our reports are very easy to understand however, using terminology easily recognized by experienced handicappers. The most significant feature that might require a word of explanation is what we call a “Predictability Index” (PRE). This is a number between 0 and 100 that actually rates the quality of the data available for each horse. A lower number means that particular horse is not as likely to race in a manner reflected by our overall point rating, as a horse with a higher rating. A horse with a “100” PRE is considered a BEST BET, based not only on that horses superior rating, but also the highest possible data quality. You should also be aware that many of the report features, such as class, form, driver rating, etc., are already incorporated in our point ratings for each horse. We list them on the report so that you can assess for yourself some of the more important handicapping components.

Report Features (PDF Graph Style)

Each race is presented with a text portion (similar to our regular reports) and a graph portion which enables the user to quickly and clearly compare the top rated horses in class, form, and speed. Each race report has the race number, gait, classification description, and purse. This helps insure you are betting the correct race, and know a little bit about the type of race. For each race, we'll give you our overall rating for every horse, sorted in order of rating. You'll easily see which horse we predict will win, and which horses are contenders. Remember, there are many handicapping factors considered in our ratings, such as post, driver, etc., but we feel the graphs are helpful as you consider these very important factors.

Use the race analysis reports to the best advantage. If you're looking for "reliability" (say you want to make a large win bet), you might want to choose a race for pacers, perhaps a purse that is at least average or higher for that track, and maybe find a horse that is at the top of at least two of our featured categories (form, class, and speed). Some races, such as maidens or low priced claimers can be less reliable, but can offer good value, so don't dismiss them entirely. As always, be sure to watch the post parade or check an official program to double check our program numbers before placing any wagers. Late changes can occur.

Here are some suggested wagering options for use with the race analysis reports. You might first want to visit our web site and review our free Betting Pattern Reports, which give you lots of valuable clues. Obviously if our top choice has been producing high rates of success to win, and even positive ROI's, why pass up the easiest bet of all - WIN!! Also remember, straight bets typically offer a higher pay-back to bettors. If our top choice is first or second at least 50% of the time (which is not uncommon) that gives you a powerful key horse for your exotics.

Exactas: Key our top pick with the next four contenders (we usually reverse it as well)

Trifectas: Key our top pick for first and second with the next four contenders (this is a $24 bet if you're buying $1 Trifectas.) If you want to play the top choice for third as well, it becomes a $36 bet.

Exacta or Trifecta "boxes": You can box four horses in an exacta for $12, box the trifecta for $24.

Bet consistently. Part of the fun using CompuBet is that you can play one or more tracks without making a job out of it, spending all your time handicapping. But this is also the power of CompuBet, because this strategy puts the law of averages on your side. If you pre-bet an entire race, for example, you don't have to worry about getting shut out just when the "big one" hits! Plus this helps you with a very important wagering fundamental: Money management!

CompuBet is continuing to develop handicapping tools that will give its users the very best possible chance to realize betting profits and enjoyment at the track or OTB. Our products are designed by harness racing professionals, and utilize the latest technological advancements to apply sound statistical fundamentals and handicapping skills. We look forward to serving you for many years to come, we welcome your comments and suggestions, and we will work tirelessly to continue to stay on "the cutting edge" to provide you with "the winning edge!"

And now, read about our newest Harness product below!

Report Features (PDF Race Program Analysis)

Our Race Program Analysis is based on the same handicapping fundamentals, principles, and calculations as our other reports. These new reports look and feel like a standard race program, with one BIG exception; NO PAST PERFORMANCE LINES! Our proprietary software dissects and analyzes all that information for you. What we arrive at is a composite numerical point rating for each horse. This point rating, as well as our class, form, and speed ratings are provided along with all the other details for each horse such as owner, trainer, breeding, etc. We provide detailed information on each horse’s current and prior year stats, driver stats, lifetime mark, etc. Included on the inside cover of each report is a complete list of the report features and their location within the report.

And of course we provide the very popular graphs depicting class, form, and speed comparisons.

We also call your attention to races that meet our “Best Bet” criteria, offering excellent straight WIN betting opportunities as well as a solid key for your exotics.

Additional features not found in any other report provide some excellent handicapping angles. These are found in the last couple pages of each Program Analysis. There you'll find Hot Drivers, Hot Trainers, Hot TR/DR combos, Beaten Favorites, First start after a claim, First Time Lasix, First time hopples, and Form Reversals!

Why give yourself a headache trying to decipher a typical race program when all you need is the CompuBet Race Program Analysis, with all that work done for you already. And as a bonus, you get the patented CompuBet composite ratings, and speed ratings!