STEP 1) Select a file type STEP 2) Select a race track STEP 3)Click to access StatsMaster

Follow the numbered steps in order to properly access stats. You will be asked for your case sensitive user id and password during step 3 when requesting a track.

StatsMaster is the revolutionary tool that puts the power in your hands to obtain the harness racing handicapping statistics and angles that are most important. Our constantly updated database of statistics specific to the track and dates you choose has three main categories: drivers, trainers & horses. Within each category are customizable options such as race dates (maximum 5 calendar years in history), gait, age and sex.

You can even view pre-determined "angles" such as off-tracks, favorites, long shots, even stats off of claims and layoffs. The trainer area has the ability to take a “snapshot” of all of the horses in a trainer’s barn and show their records. Statistics screens can be sorted simply by clicking on the column headings. For more detailed info on how to use StatsMaster use the Help/Explanations link inside.

WHAT DOES STATSMASTER COST? - StatsMaster is available to all unlimited subscribers of Past Performances and Platinum Past Performances for harness racing at absolutely no extra charge. Pay as you go customers will be billed $1.50 for each track they access each day. Remember, you are only billed once no matter how many times you access a StatsMaster track on the same day.

CAN I VIEW A STATSMASTER SAMPLE? - Click here to see a fully functional sample of the StatsMaster and check out all the exciting features for yourself. Once you have accessed a specific track's StatsMater page you are able to perform as many searches and queries as you wish all included as part of your download.